We are Specialized

Iranian Gilsonite Mine under license of High Tech Holdings and is specialized in Gilsonite Mining for 9 years experience with wide range of Gilsonite shapes with certified quality, varied packages.

Range of products

Gilsonite Mining

We are an Iranian mining complex based in London who have 9 years valuable experience specialized in Gilsonite mining & export services.

Varied Packages

We offer different packages based on customers needs. 500 KG jumbo bags for lump and 25 KG bags for granulated or micronized shape.

Physical Shapes

Well, Our final products have different physical shapes according to customers orders. We offer Lump, Granulated & micronized Gilsonite.

What we do & What we have

We are Gilsonite Mine owner. Please welcome to visit our mines.


Who is behind our products & services?

Gilsonite center is an independent department under High Tech Holdings company that offers wide range of pure Gilsonite products with high quality and an experienced team contains Gilsonite experts do consultancy about the specification, price and other items before purchase.

We monitor our mining process, start to end. QC is the most important thing in our Gilsonite mining process and we also care about the storage, loading and export with highest standards. Finally our customers can have SGS certification and quality control for their own reference.

We are mine owner so we can compete with other trading companies in quality and pricing because there is no dealer between us and the end users. We welcome to end users for having a visit from our mines and find out how we do mining and how we process the products.

Our mines are in IRAN. 3 mines with different analysis but close together from 8% to 16% ash. Loading ports can be Bandar Abbas port (IRAN) or Jebel Ali port (Dubai) according to customer demands.

First purchase can be 20 MT as a sample order but next minimum order quantities is 100 MT and minimum acceptable order for each unique physical shape is 20 MT per order.

why choose us?

Because are mine owner. We have quality control process, start to end, contains mining, storage, loading & export.
We take care of our business + We care about our customers’ satisfaction.


Free Consultation

Consultation before purchase by Gilsonite center experts.

High Quality

We care about the quality and monitor the specs of orders regularly.

Competitive Price

The price Gilsonite is the cheapest possible price comparing the quality.

Do you need Professionals to project

We are proud of our differences to offer better services to our customers.

Our difference as a manufacturer with trading companies is the ability to fully control our products.This advantage starts from the price and includes the quality and after sales services. We most welcome to end users for joining our loyalty club to get more & more benefits on the purchase.

2000 MT/Month is our Gilsonite production capacity as lump or powder ready to export.
50-400 Mesh Size certified pure Gilsonite in 25 KG bags by SGS ready for loading.
20 MT is the minimum order quantity. Sample available from the latest products.

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