Lump Gilsonite

Gilsonite Center is one of the big supplier of raw type lump with application including FLC which is Fluid Loss Control additives in oil well drilling mud and filtrate control as hole stabilizer for high temperature high pressure oil well HTHP, HTLP and as bitumen modifier to mix with asphalt to improve performance and stability of bitumen. The natural asphalt is leading in roof coating, building product coating and road seal coat crack sealer suppliers. From natural asphalt we are producing drilling fluid which is shale inhibitor in drilling fluid and reacting with shale to prevent sloughing and swelling.

Lump Packaging, 500 – 1000 KG Jumbo Bags

We offer a wide range of Gilsonite with different grades for your target industry. Our products are offered in different forms depending on customers needs. Our gilsonite ranges mostly differ softening points, each specific grade is used in a different application.

Granulated and Micronized Gilsonite:

Our company is based on experts who are capable of processing Gilsonite lump into micronized powder with 80 to 400 mesh sizes.We are also capable of processing Gilsonite lump into granulated Gilsonite with 30 to 50 mesh sizes.


Packaging :

1- (25kg±5%) multi-layer laminate bags.
2- (25kg±5%) multi-layer paper bags.
3- (25kg±5%) multi-layer sacks.
These Products can be palletized, shrinked and wrapped  according to customer’s request.